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Automatic Lock-bottom Folder Gluer


Four folding bottom product, with each technical index lies in the top level in domestic, is suitable for gluing of common boxes, pre-folded boxes and bottom boxes. (Note: In addition, those in the attachment are also for gluing CD disc bag, paper file, EMS express sealing and insole boxes, etc).



High-strength professional vibration motor, continuous and stable Feed




With pre-folding function, easy
cartons filled kind, more convenient to open




On the front and rear removable bar, can be adjusted in line with diverse, fast and convenient




On the lake with a cylinder lock for
the bottom side of the box and two boxes pasted stickers




With points function, photoelectric
counting, pneumatic paper, efficient and accurate




Electronic sensor controlled by the
speed of the conveyor speed with
the paste box, carton collection of perfect


of The

1. Equipped with two groups of gluing tubes, up and down, this machine is applicable for gluing various patterns of boxes.
2. Transferred by synchronous belt, gears matching to each other perfectly, the running is stable and precise, and meanwhile,many disadvantages are overcome, such as high wear rate of triangle belt and chain transmission during conveying, high noise and large vibration, etc.
3. The imported frequency transformer and linked machinery speed controller could control the intervals between every two boxes during paper skipping, and adjust the paper interval and speed of the paper boxes with different sizes, shapes and materials.
4. The motor, mated with five-group paper feeding belt with high frictional force and good abrasion, constant paper feeding is ensured.
5. The pressing section, with two-group pressure adjustable pattern, is able to press the folded paper boxes more tightly and ensure them go through the conveying section stably. Besides, with the machinery kick plate counting device, batch counting could be chosen according to actual situation.
6. This machine is adjusted by two-way screws, single operation, simple and fast.
7. The folded section is of special folded belt for high tenacity folder gluer, with low extension ratio, no need to strain the belt often; with two sides both soft, high plasticity, and no possibility to scrub the paper surface.
8. With imported gear motor, the conveying section ensures high output torque of the press machine during running in a low speed,and also the paper box would never open by gluing after pressed by press machine. The convey belt on the press machine could shift from front and back, and the machine adjustment for long box and short box is also quite convenient.
9. The high standard and high requirement of the whole unit provide a long use life.


Straight-line folding boxes        Lock bottom boxes         Double wall boxes        CD boxes(optional)           Shoe boxes(optional)


Main Technical Parameter