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Automatic Corrugated Paper Folder Gluer


This machine, known as a kind of high speed and multi-functional corrugated folder gluer, is mainly used for gluing the corrugated boxes (boxes made of corrugated paper), with the advantages of constant and stable high productivity,
and the relevant technical proposal is made with the goal of a 100 percent high precision.




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1. Designed with special skills, this machine is adjusted automatically with two-sided pressure bars motor, easy and convenient, as well as rapid for changing the box patterns;
2. Transferred through up and down, the wear rate of the conveying belt is reduced to the minimum, thus stable paper skipping is guaranteed.
3. Transferred by synchronous belt, gears mating to each other perfectly, the running is stable and precise with low noise;
4. Frequency control of motor speed, together with the machinery adjustment, intervals between every two paper boxes is well controlled;
5. Controlled by electronic induction during conveying, cooperating with the folder gluing speed automatically, the paper boxes could be collected in order; Made from special material, the conveying pressure platform could adjust the pressure by air pressure.
6. Photo-counting, quantity definition accordingly, together with pneumatic printing, accurate counting is guaranteed;
7. Adopted with the wrapping type of the belt, no need to disassembly the driving axis while replace it, easy and convenient, available for ordinary operator to complete.
8. The whole unit is equipped with high standard parts, ensuring long using life.


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