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Semi-automatic Flute-laminator Machine


NB-1100B/1300B/1450B With our special design , the surface paper will be operated manually and the under paper will be operated automatically .so it can be applied to paste the color paper on corrugated paper. The operation is very simple ,the testing is vey quick ,the maintenance is very easy .It has a high speed and high accuracy.



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· Auto body paper feeding, and the tissue is designed humanization by pushing in front, with the grade standards adjusted automatically,easier for feeding and more stable for fixing.
· Controlled by PLC of the whole unit, providing more stable and accurate of paper feeding.
· Flexible front guide fixing, with no body paper speeding up; besides, adjusting the statuses before or after body paper and tissue are available.
· Suitable for adhering between the card paper and A/B/C/E/F corrugated paper, and between card paper and card paper.
· Equipped with auto gluing device, saving the quantity of glue.
· The air draft is controlled by single motor, providing stable conveying of body paper; ingle side adjustment of the whole unit, convenient and rapid to adjust it.
· Designed with no scraper, with the water roll cleaned automatically and the gluing action transferred independently, offering persistent gluing while machine closing down.

Main Technical Parameter