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Fully Automatic Laminator


Fully Automatic Laminator, automatic feeding of top sheets and bottom sheets, is suitable for the high speed and 
automatic lamination of color printed top sheet and corrugated paperboard.


of The

·Unique front lay with intelligent control system, ensuring accurate registration of laminating.
·Improted electric components with high quality and almost trouble-free.
·The machine adopts frequency converter for speed regulating, PLC control and analog-to-digital
·A pre-feeding device is provided to feeder, cutting time of stopping machine and improving production efficiency.
·Suction belts for bottom sheet feeding ensure smooth and continuous delivering.
·Main motor and feeder adopt double frequency converter for speed regulating and centralized control, which
 enables sychron lamination.
·The machine is suitable for 120-500g glossy paper with A / B / C / E / F corrugated paste.  



Glossy pre-stacking

Well the next batch of pre-stacking glossy, pushed
along the rail lifts, positioning accuracy, with no
downtime stacking glossy paper, to save time. 


Non-stop feeder

In the non-stop state, the pre-stacking tissue
paper push lifts, uninterrupted feeding, reduce
downtime and improve efficiency.





Glossy side positioning

Pneumatic glossy side of the lateral push specified bit, greatly improving the tissues lateral positioning accuracy and ensure the quality of fit.

Touch-screen operating system

Touch screen centralized control, high-resolution man-machine interface man-machine dialogue, the machine is running or fault status display real-time dynamic monitoring, adjustment and troubleshooting the machine even more convenient.


Special high-speed flat belt drive, smooth lubrication-free, shock-absorbing cushion low noise. Unique overload safety mechanism to prevent accidental damage rolls


Main Technical Parameter