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Automatic Die-cutting Machine

Feeder Head

European technology of high-precision feeder head, corrugated and paperjams dual, four suction four get, and the paper with the free nozzle angle and height adjustments according to speed to ensure smooth paper feeding. Feeder head triple safety protection device to prevent collision



The base and main wall panels are one-piece
forged with aging treatment.The top and bottom platform adopt special cavity structure to gain in strength.The main parts are forged and twice tested to ensure the accuracy, security and reliability of the parts.All bearings are imported brands such as SKF, NSK.

Pneumatic Clutch

This machine adopts imported friction block
clutch,with more stable braking, lower noise,
longer life, and more precise clutch action.

Pneumatic Lock Plate

The pneumatic lock plate adopts imported
pneumatic components, high-strength plate
frame, making the performance more stable
and operation more convenient.

Gripper Bar With the Chain

· Dental platoon body uses unique design,
quality super hard alloy, anodized surface, with light weight, small inertia, strong rigidity. High-speed operation can be completed to precise passing paper products and die-cutting process.
· Tooth row of the main chain adopts imported Japanese chains, and stretches the pairing process to reduce the errorin the running.

High Precision Intermittent Transmission Mechanism

Optimized run curve and improved dynamic to
static ratio make the trajectory more smooth in the high-speed operation, with high positioning accuracy, low noise, and better durability.

Electrical Control

All the electrical components and detection switchesof the machine adopt
German Siemens, French Schneider, Japanese Omron and other famous international
brands, making the performance more stable and reliable.



Paper Collecting

Automatic paper collecting. The unique aerodynamic side jogger device makes the operation easier.

Main Technical Parameter