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Social Responsibility     2013 NAITE joint the Communist Youth League Central Volunteer Work Department and China Youth Daily to start "China Youth Volunteers Welfare DreamsAction"  
  2012 NAITE involved and initiation the public welfare activities "Chinese Ancient Villages Protect"
    NAITE support the "Free Lunch Program"
    NAITE held "Create the Future Mechanical" national students mechanical appearance design competition. 
    Recently, NAITE issued six large love supplies to the western poor areas central, related donor-point specific address and contact information will be published and share with everyone, I hope more people to join us ... 
  2010 NAITE love donations materials is issued for 12 days. Recently, NAITE been receiving supplies arrive news.
   2009 NAITE developed the "NAITE brand long-term maintenance plan."
  2008 October "NAITE · I have a dream" large-scale public events is popular in China, we donated "Happy Sports Corner" to many Hope Primary School of the country.